Christophe Pochari Energietechnik is the sole inventor and developer of the world’s only self-erecting hydrostatic rigid tower technology. Christophe Pochari Energietechnik is located in Bodega Bay in Sonoma County California and is a sole proprietorship run by Christophe Pochari. Note: we do not currently sell commercial products nor are we actively developing some of the older systems we have listed on the website. We are at the present time principally busy with developing and commercializing the hydrostatic tower for high altitude wind generators. Because Christophe Pochari Energietechnik receives a large number of inquiries about selling concepts that we write about on the website, we would like to kindly ask prospective interested parties to be serious and committed before contacting. We do not offer free consulting, although we do offer our main technologies listed on the website as open source. Viewers should note that all articles on this website are about concepts the authors believes are technically possible with first principles engineering with current human knowledge, but they are not physical prototypes nor are any of their performance claims guaranteed. Interested parties are encouraged to perform their own analysis. Christophe Pochari Energietechnik is always looking for visionary and inventive individuals to work with.

Mobile (primary telephone): 707 774 3024 (please only contact if interested in investing or participating in engineering)

Email: (please email only if you are interested in participating in technology development, not for commercial inquiries)


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