multi-spool rankine turbogenerator

Pochari Technologies’ has designed a novel and innovative multistage steam turbine. Pochari Technologies’ multi-spool rankine turbogenerator is designed to allow each individual turbine stage to rotate at its own optimal speed reducing losses from turbulence. On a conventional steam turbine, all stages are connected to the main shaft, forcing each turbine stage to rotate at the exact same speed. By freeing each turbine stage to spin freely at its own optimal speed, isentropic efficiency is increased, mainly resulting from optimizing the velocity differential between the airfoil and fluid thereby reducing turbulence inherent to turbomachinery. Studies show that multi-spool compressors raise efficiency by up to 5%. Much research effort has gone into developing multi-spool compressors for gas turbines, results show considerable increases in efficiency. Therefore we believe this concept can be successfully applied to steam turbogenerator technology. Each turbine wheel is connected to an independent axial flux generator. Each subsequent stage will operate at lower speed, so the generator output will progressively decline, so each generator’s electrical capacity is tailored to the specific speed of each turbine stage. A bulk of the electrical output will come from the initial high-speed turbines.

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